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Daniel Salas, DVM | Veterinarian

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Dr. Daniel Salas is a loved and trusted veterinarian that has been working in Angelina County his entire career. Dr. Salas originally bought Angelina Animal Hospital in 1971 from the previous owner, Dr. Saunders, and his family. Dr. Salas owned and operated Angelina Animal Hospital until Dr. Syler bought the clinic in 2010.

Dr. Salas graduated with his doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1967 from Texas A&M University in College Station, Tx. After graduating, Dr. Salas spent two years serving in the Army in Michigan. In 1971, Dr. Salas moved back home to Texas and immediately bought Angelina Animal Hospital in Lufkin, Tx., where he would stay until working with Dr. Lindsay Syler. In 2010, Dr. Syler bought Angelina Animal Hospital and Dr. Salas was able to retire to his family.

For several years, Dr. Salas was able to spend time with family while travelling the world. Dr. Salas states he eventually got bored and was ready to come to back to work! It was a perfect match, as Dr. Syler had just moved Angelina Animal Hospital to a new location! At 2205 N Timberland, Dr. Salas joined the team again, only working part-time seeing puppy visits, wellness checks, and - of course, his favorite - large animal appointments.

Dr. Daniel Salas is incredibly happy to be back home and working with the clients that he has seen throughout his career. He loves having the extra time to spend time with his wife, kids, and grandkids. Today, Dr. Salas is still raising his own cattle & taking care of everyone's large, small, and exotic pets!

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